history and collaboration
Cover of Summer School in Croatian newspaper

The Cres Summer School was launched in 2013 as a collaboration between the University of Groningen in the Netherlands and the University of Rijeka in Croatia to offer students an excellent opportunity to learn about how societies deal and overcome war crimes and human rights violations during conflicts and under authoritarian regimes.

Over the years our collaboration has expanded and now includes Pomona College,  Montclair State UniversitySewanee and New York University in the United States. Now we have the pleasure of welcoming annually dynamic, new groups of students and practitioners for a 10-day summer program on transitional justice and the politics of memory on the beautiful island of Cres along the Adriatic coast.

The program includes lectures, seminars, workshops and excursions with a high-caliber faculty and guest lecturers, including scholars, practitioners and activists.


From 2013-2017 the summer school school has been generously supported by Globalisation Studies Groningen. In addition, for 4 years now, the European Union Center of California has lend generous support to the school, providing close to a dozen students with scholarships to travel to Croatia and participate in the program. The Unger Foundation has also generously supported the participation of Croatian scholars in our school since 2016.